Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Blogs have become great sources to write about national and world events, sports, personal experiences, opinions on anything and everything, and to make a statement. There are many people who write blogs. Anyone can start a blog, as well as anyone can read a blog. People read blogs because of their different kinds of interests, which might be a reason why a person would start a blog. Blogs really affect our lives because people can say anything they want to in their blog, it is theirs, and those who read them might take offense or agree and other problems might be caused.

At this time for our country and our world, many of the national and world events have to do with war. For America, many writers blog about the Iraq war and usually have something to do with "Freeing our Soliders" or "Freedom is not Free." On the website,, there are a ton of blogs about world events.

One of the most popular blog, is a blog about sports. There are so many sport blogs. For example, the Big Ten has a blog for football and basketball. The Sports Blog Network has hundreds of different sport blogs. It shows the Title of the each blog, what time the last post was posted, the team that the blog is talking about, the sport that the blog is talking about, and how many times the blog has been read. Sports blogs could be written by reviewers, fans, players, and coaches. There are many coaching blogs. The coaching blogs give a preview of the different games, like what happened in the game, why the coach think they won, or lost, played to their full potential, etc. For example, the Lehigh Women's Basketball coach has a blog that she writes about their season and about the different games; what she thinks they did good, could have done, and or could have done better.

There are also many blogs that talk about personal experiences. For example blogs written by soldiers about their experiences in Iraq, and just everyday people dealing with something. That is usually what the blogs with the personal experiences are written about. A teen girl who got pregnant wrote about a blog her experience with it and all the things that go along with pregnancy, especially teen pregnancy. Another blog that really shows someone's personal experience affects me as well. My sister-in-law has a blog that talks about my brother being in Iraq. My brother is a fighter pilot. Everytime she gets a call, email, letter, pictures, etc., she posts them on her blog and our family, family friends, and her and my brothers friends get to see the pictures and see how he's doing. I would post a link, but this blog is private.

The last two concepts that most people write about while they are blogging are opinions and making a statement. There is one blog in particular that expresses both of these. This blog is called, "Things That Piss Me Off!" This is pretty self explanatory. It is about things that piss him off. But, it does express his opinion (about which types of things piss him off) and he is definitly making a statement.

Blogs can be a ton of different things: funny, serious, boring, offensive, and much more, but they do have character. Blogging is easy, but you do have to be careful what you say on the internet. That is the down side to blogging. Anyone can set up an account at or and so on. But, if the blog isn't private, anyone on the internet can read the blog!

So long, Farewell Blog!
And to all you future bloggers out there!
Be Safe and Have fun blogging!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Last week I experienced the guest blogging experiment. Which means that someone sent me a post about my blog to post on mine and I wrote about someone else's. I didn't really have a difficult time with this, but some people might have. Would you be comfortable doing this? How would you feel?

I don't know how I would feel if the person that wrote on my blog and the blog I wrote about didn't know anything about the subject being talked about. For instance, the person who wrote about my blog, about basketball, plays basketball and loves it. The blog I wrote about was cheerleading. I cheered most of my life, so I had things to say about it and I love cheerleading. So, I got kind of lucky and didn't have to step out of my comfort zone and neither did the person that wrote about my blog.

Like I said the blog I wrote about was a blog all about cheerleading. Also like I said, I have cheered for most of my life. I started in second grade actually cheering for a football team and then I stopped after my freshman year of high school because I chose to play basketball all year round. In my blog I talked about how I loved cheerleading and sometimes regret giving it up. I also talked about whether I believe cheerleading is a sport. Yes, I believe anything that you are competeing in, it is a sport.

I think the guest blogging experiment is a postive thing. It gives the readers and the writers another view they could take and look upon.

That's all for now!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Coming into my freshman year I was highly looking at in basketball. Being ranked 16th in the state only managed to put more pressure on my shoulders. We also had other big name basketball player attending Desales like Alex Kellogg, Elijah Allen, and also Dane Johnson. I attended Columbus Desales High School my freshman year and I received a chance to showcase my ability on the freshman & JV team. My motivation was unbelievable I worked hard every day getting ready for my up in coming basketball season. Your ability can only get you so far and I learned that experiencing dramatic events.

Throughout tryouts we ran, did different drills, and also got some opportunities to do some five on five. Me and a couple other future players would wake up around 5:30am lift weights and also run the track. Not being over confident but when finding out that I made the team it really didn’t come as a shocker I pretty much already knew. Making the JV and freshman team was an accomplishment but I felt like I should have been picked for the varsity team. Varsity is the highest level to compete at in high school, most freshmen don’t ever get a chance to experience varsity because of the already experienced upper classmen.

Talking with my dad he expressed to me that learned from upper classmen is a stepping stone. My dad said “sometimes the coaches will not put you on varsity not because of your ability but to give you a chance to learn from others.”