Sunday, March 8, 2009

Coming into my freshman year I was highly looking at in basketball. Being ranked 16th in the state only managed to put more pressure on my shoulders. We also had other big name basketball player attending Desales like Alex Kellogg, Elijah Allen, and also Dane Johnson. I attended Columbus Desales High School my freshman year and I received a chance to showcase my ability on the freshman & JV team. My motivation was unbelievable I worked hard every day getting ready for my up in coming basketball season. Your ability can only get you so far and I learned that experiencing dramatic events.

Throughout tryouts we ran, did different drills, and also got some opportunities to do some five on five. Me and a couple other future players would wake up around 5:30am lift weights and also run the track. Not being over confident but when finding out that I made the team it really didn’t come as a shocker I pretty much already knew. Making the JV and freshman team was an accomplishment but I felt like I should have been picked for the varsity team. Varsity is the highest level to compete at in high school, most freshmen don’t ever get a chance to experience varsity because of the already experienced upper classmen.

Talking with my dad he expressed to me that learned from upper classmen is a stepping stone. My dad said “sometimes the coaches will not put you on varsity not because of your ability but to give you a chance to learn from others.”


  1. Yeah, i cheer so i know Terrance plays basketball! =]