Friday, March 13, 2009

Last week I experienced the guest blogging experiment. Which means that someone sent me a post about my blog to post on mine and I wrote about someone else's. I didn't really have a difficult time with this, but some people might have. Would you be comfortable doing this? How would you feel?

I don't know how I would feel if the person that wrote on my blog and the blog I wrote about didn't know anything about the subject being talked about. For instance, the person who wrote about my blog, about basketball, plays basketball and loves it. The blog I wrote about was cheerleading. I cheered most of my life, so I had things to say about it and I love cheerleading. So, I got kind of lucky and didn't have to step out of my comfort zone and neither did the person that wrote about my blog.

Like I said the blog I wrote about was a blog all about cheerleading. Also like I said, I have cheered for most of my life. I started in second grade actually cheering for a football team and then I stopped after my freshman year of high school because I chose to play basketball all year round. In my blog I talked about how I loved cheerleading and sometimes regret giving it up. I also talked about whether I believe cheerleading is a sport. Yes, I believe anything that you are competeing in, it is a sport.

I think the guest blogging experiment is a postive thing. It gives the readers and the writers another view they could take and look upon.

That's all for now!


  1. yes i think guest bloggers are okay. I like your picture it's very funny. I like that you coach girls and it brings them closer. I liked this weeks post.

  2. I had a little difficult time coming up with a topic for my post, I was to write for! Once I came up with the idea, it was nothing!! I enjoyed doing it!!It was different!

  3. Coming up with ideas as someone else is pretty difficult sometimes, but I thought it was really cool. As a basketball fan, I know you have a lot to do with cheerleading, so it must have been easy for you!

  4. i thought it was a positive thing too. and you were lucky with your subject. i had to write my thoughts about teen pregnancy. being as i am a man and know very little about female anatomy or what might happen from raising a baby so young, i had really no idea of what to do besides state my opinion on th topic. you did a great job with your cheerleading one.

  5. I really like guess blogging your post because I'm a big sports fan. I hope your coaching goes really well and maybe on down the line I will see you eaither coaching a college or pro basketball team..........Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

  6. guest blogging to me was fun and i had a great time on blogging on someone else blog. the experience was one of a kind. trying to write as someone else was hard because you had to write just like them.. i know i will never be able to write like someone else.