Friday, January 30, 2009

on a lighter note...

well i'm deciding to make this weeks post on a lighter note. As for all of you that read my last one, thank you and thank you for the comments you left, they were all so thoughtful. So the first topic I decided to talk about on this post is about the Coach from Texas that was fired. I don't know if any of you heard about it, ( i'm sure if you watch the news you did) but basically to sum it up a girl's basketball team beat another team 100-0 in a game. The coach of the winning team was told to apologize and he would not apologize for a win. After the school apologized to the other school, he still didn't apologize, so he was fired. This brings up my next story...this week we played a school that was experiencing their first year having a freshman team and the team this season has never won a game. So it came half time and it was 25-0 we were winning. The varsity coach walked up to me and said "be careful your job is on the line." He was obviously kidding but I had really no clue what he was talking about. Then he told me the story of the Texas coach. The team we played ended up scoring two points the whole game. It's not fun when you play a team that can't score at all. My second thing I really wasnted to talk about in this post was why I changed my title of my blog from "seeing bball from the other side." Throughout my life and playing on different teams and in different programs, I have had about around 30 different coaches. yes..including assistants as well. But I bet every single one of them or almost all of them, I complanied about something they did, even when I was really young and even just something little. That's just what most players do. I never disrespected them or anything like that but I always had my own opinions, as did every parent and every other player. Anyways, I know see the sport from the other side. I now know why coaches get so frustrated, nervous, upset, all of the above pretty much. I take a little bit of knowledge from each of these coaches though, and I use it. I had my first "parent talk" the other night. I wouldn't call it an "attack" but something I completely forgot coaches had to go through. "Why isn't my daughter playing the whole time? She is the only one that can do everything." Things like that. I think I handeled it well. But what she didn't know what that her daughter was being lazy in practice. Now I have so much more respect for all those coaches I have had in my life. gooDbye fOr nOW =]

Lehigh Women's Basketball Blog...
I am not able to comment on this Blog so I will be writing a few things about it on my blog. Sue Troyan, the head coach (which by the way I admire because there aren't that many female coaches out there compared to male) but this week she talked about missing free throws, lay ups, jumpers, and just giving the ball away. I can relate to this. We emphasize during practices the importance of these things so much. Every missed lay up in our practice is a sprint for that indiviual player.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well now i'm gonna talk a little more about coaching and why it means so much to me. First, in middle school, when I was in 8th grade my brother became the head coach of the 7th grade girl's basketball team, and he made my dad the assistant. So I got to watch almost every game of their's and I actally watched the coaching because I so close to the coaches obviously. And then in high school my dad started coaching my AAU team. So growing up with two males in my family coaching meant a lot. The second reason that coaching means so much is because of a coach who was my uncle's best friend. The main reason I got interested to come to the high school that I ended up attending was from my uncle’s best friend growing up, who was a coach at this school, and he got me to come to some open gyms. During my sophomore of high school, we had a game in Dayton on a school night. On the way back from loosing both games, we were on the bus when suddenly he slipped into a coma. He went to the nearest hospital, where his family met him there, and we went back home. The next day at school, we didn't know what to expect. We were called down to the chapel and we're told that he did not make it out of his coma and he had passed away that morning. It was one of the hardest things i've ever been through. But our team got through it together. The position I have in the girl's program is the same one he had when he coached, so I am very honored. We have made a trip out to the cemetary the past three years and keep planning to do it.

Friday, January 16, 2009


My History of BasketbalL:

I started playing basketball on an actual team when I was in 2nd grade. The next three years were just sorts of little leauge teams with churches or the city of westerville. In sixth grade I played on a "travel" team and every year after that I played for "AAU" which stands for Amatuer Athletic Union. I played for three different teams. My Senior year of high school I decided not to play AAU. Starting in 7th grade (which was when I could start) I played AAU during the Fall and Spring time and then during the actually basketball season I played for my school team. In high school the rules got a little more strict so I was not able to play AAU in the fall, you could only play in the spring strictly one month after your regular season ended. I grew up loving basketball because I came from a family that loved it. My sister, brother, and even my dad played growing up for schools and different programs. My brother and dad played through high school and my sister played through middle school. My 8th grade year at my middle school, my brother got the head coach of the 7th grade girls. So i was able to watch him coach and he was able to watch me play. He also had my dad be the assistant coach. Then in high school during one of my seasons of AAU, my best friend's dad and my dad decided to coach us. After my senior year of basketball, (this year) My high school coach asked me to come back and assistant coach the freshaman girl's team. I accepted and was really happy that I did. I have already learned a lot and decided that I want to coach while being a teacher after college. That's all I have for now! bYEe

Friday, January 9, 2009


Hello...I am not experienced with blogging at all so I don't have a lot of ideas right now but I promise I will come along. My name is Elena and I am a student at Ohio State University newark. I am an education major and also want to coach basketball. Speaking of basketball....that is what my blog for the next ten weeks is going to be about. Throughout these weeks I will talk about basically what basketball means to me and why it means so much to me. Also I will do some fun trivia, various pictures, and maybe even some videos and just some of my thoughts. But back to the what basketball means to me...I will write about the history about my life and playing basketball for example when I started playing and why I started playing and just details on things like that.
This fall I was asked to be an assistant coach at my high school that I played for, for four years. For the past three months I have been coaching and for the next two months I will be continuing. So I will be talking about my high school basketball career and why I have wanting to be a coach and why this exact position means to me.