Friday, February 27, 2009

and that's a wrap

This week I am going to talk about the season. The freshman season is now over. They learned a lot and had fun but obviously, like the end of every sporting season, in every level, there is always things that can be worked on.

We started our season with 13 girls, but then ended with 10. Only the first couple games the two that got moved up to jv, played with us. And only half the games we had 10 players, usually just 9 and in practice we usually always has 9, so when we would scrimmage, I would play. =]

What do all teams practice for during the season?....the answer is a tournament. Since before I really even knew what DeSales was, our freshman teams particiapted in the end of the year tounrnament at Pickerington North High School, till this day we still do. It has around 20 some teams and very good competition. Pick. North itself, is a very tough team and usually wins the tournament. This tournament is double elimination and the seed of your team is based on your record. We got 6th seed, I am pretty sure. We played an okay team the first round, but we didn't play as well as we hoped, but we won.

...A little side note about freshman tournaments. Most schools (all the schools in this tournament)...bring down the freshman that played jv during the season, that didn't get moved up to varsity at the end. Well, we didn't for various reasons so we were playing all the teams that brought down their best freshman.

So...after the round one we advanced to the next round...we played a really good team. The number two seed. We were winning by 8 at halftime and we ended up losing badly. So, that is how the end of our season ended. We did have a winning season and for those of you that don't know what that is...we won more games than we lost. That is a good thing playing the schedule that we had.

Now I'm focusing helping with the Varsity team. Having just graduated I knew and have played with most of the girl's on the team now, so I love helping and watching. There are three seniors. Two that I played with and one that transferred last year so I didn't play with her. But, the two I did play with I was also good friends with. This coming Tuesday is going to be their 3rd game...they have already won two! The interesting thing is the team they play on Tuesday is the team that for the past two years (my junior and senior year) that have knocked us out of the tournament.

That's all for NOW =]!


  1. Hopefully next year can be a better year for you and the ladies. Rebuild and reload.

  2. Hopefully you will have more girls playing next year it you decide to coach. you sound very committed with these girls that good. i hope next year you decide to coach they sound like they enjoy it. At least you know the girls that you are training. THat always makes it better