Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My team runs three defenses: A man to man help and two zones. The two zones are a 1-3-1 and a 1-2-2. But what we run the most is a 1-3-1. It's a very high pressure zone but we adjust it when we need to.

1 - Zone: 1-3-1
This is how a 1-3-1 is set up. The triangle 1 is the top of the zone. This person gives pressure and is usually the fastest guard sometimes the point guard and or one of the best defenders.

The triangles 2 and 3 have the same exact jobs but on the opposite sides. The pressure the wings when they recieve the ball and have to watch back side when the ball is on the opposite side that they are defending.

The triangle 4 is usually one of the faster players, because they have to run from one side of the court to another multiple times and have litttle time to get there.
The triangle 5 is usually the tallest and or the post player. They protect the middle of the zone.
2. - Zone: 1-2-2

We rarley run a 1-2-2, but we do it when we think we need to.

The triangle one basically has the same job as the 1-3-1.

The 2 and 3 again have the same job but opposite sides.

And now the 4 and 5 have the same job but opposite sides.

This defense is to protect the middle and let nothing in.

3. Man to Man help

The Blue circles are the offense and then the red trianlges are the defense. In this case, number 5 as the ball. As you can see not everyone is "hugging" their player and dropped down or "sagged" off to help their teammates.
This is how we play our man to man defense.


  1. Defense was my favorite thing to play in football and basketball. Football was awsome, basketball was, but i kinda would forget were playing basketball;i would start to play a little football and get a technical. Oh well still was fun for me, not sure about the guy i was guarding.

  2. I must agree with J Dent. Defense has always been my favorite play; it always has me on my feet, waiting for what is going next.
    This is an awesome blog, i love that you are a great coach and can come up with plays like these.

  3. Defense wins chapionships. Sometimes a good defense is better than a good offense. This was very interesting to read.

  4. sounds like you know your stuff. and after all those years of playing, i think you definitely would and do. and i'm sure you make for a great coach. i always liked defense in soccer...if that counts. haha.

  5. I really like your post for this week! I like your pictures that show all of the defense plays, to be honest I don't know much about basketball! My cousin plays basketball and he is always talking about all the different plays his team uses.