Friday, February 20, 2009

This week for my blog post I decided to comment and respond to one of my classmates blogs. One of my classmates is going through a very rough time...she is 18 and she found out she was pregnant. Every week I read her blog, because I have seen people go through the scares of pregnancy at such a young age and what it seems like to be the worst time possible to get pregnant. But, none of them were actually pregnant and now that I actually get the chance to see what it's like for someone my age to go through that, I am very interested.

This week she posted about a "heart break." I can kind of relate to this because of two reasons. My mother had a miscarriage, like her friend did and I know many people that have had miscarriages. It's really a sad process.

The next thing I really think about on this subject is this...I was talking to a family member the other day and just saying how life just isn't fair. Well we all know that. But, really...why do people that do not want to be pregnant at the time, get pregnant. and people that really want to be pregnant, they can't for years or months, or maybe ever. That is also a really sad process.

My sister is ready to have a child, and I'm so excited to be an aunt. But, that's the thing...she is ready. I couldn't imagine not being ready to bring another person in this world and actually make it happen. There is one thing that really bothers me about teen pregnancies. When a teen gets pregnant, they are looked down apon, whether you can help it or not, they are. Teen pregnancies can happen to anyone. And what sucks is that people look down on those people that actually get pregnant but they are still sexually active and it just hasn't happened to them, but it could. It makes me mad!

Now, I'm going to kind of relate it into basketball. The summer going into my sophomore year we went through a hard team camp at the University of North Carolina. Then during the year we found out that one of our players was pregnant the whole summer, even at team camp. I just couldn't get over it. She had to stop playing basketball and everything. This topic just really interests me because it's so real and brings out the real in people.


  1. yeah. i agree with how sad it is that the world is sooo unfair and like that. i've seen friends go through scares too. i couldn't imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes.

  2. So ture, some people can get pregnent after one mistaken night, and couples who are ready for a child cant for a while or ever. I agree life isnt fair, especially in that area.

  3. I'm glad that she is sticking with it. I know a lot of people that have had miscarriages and it is a sad process. It takes a toll on the mother. I'm glad that she didn't take the option out "easy way out" Which is abortion. You go girl!

  4. I know, its so sad and it would be hard for me to talk about. I think she is very strong for being able to talk about.